In 2015 THOMAS PLOWMAN completed sixty years of making artworks, mostly in ceramics, but with serious excursions into photography and painting, along with periods of teaching.

This website is a celebration of his achievements and a clear statement about the nature of his work. In his ceramics, refinement of form and richness of surface have been his constant goal.

Always shy of too much “artspeak”, this website is no exception. His interests have ranged widely. He has not limited himself to one medium or style, but has been happy to give full reign to his creative imagination.

On view here is a life’s work expressed through a diverse range of disciplines and techniques.

Despite being in his eighties he continues to be actively involved, currently reorganising his workshop with a view to making fresh work in 2017.

This website is currently under construction and even when 'complete' will remain live as further details are published of the life, work and techniques of Thomas Plowman.

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